What is TapStart Credit Line?

TapStart Credit Line is designed with in-built flexibility. You can borrow up to Rs 5 Lakhs and tailor your withdrawals according to your needs. You can withdraw as low or Rs 3000 to as high as your credit limit.

TapStart Credit Lines start at an interest rate of 1.08% per month (13% per annum* ). The maximum Annual Interest Rate can go up to 36% (However, only a fraction of our customers get an interest rate higher than 30% per annum). You pay interest only on the amount you withdraw, and not on the entire credit line. If you decide not to use the line of credit, you do not have to pay any interest on it.


  • TapStart Credit Line is a revolving credit. You can choose to borrow all at once or withdraw money as and when it’s needed from the credit limit approved.
  • Interest is charged on the amount you borrow against your credit line.
  • Credit Line remains active for a lifetime as long as you repay the borrowed amount regularly.

*Interest Rate varies based on your risk profile.

TapStart Credit Line
Type of credit Revolving
Loan limits Up to Rs 5 Lakhs
Type of interest rate Variable-rate - 1.08% per month
Fees Processing fees, Line activation fees, and late fees
Tenure 3 months to 36 months
Repayment Monthly
Funding Method Ongoing access

Features & Benefits

  • Get up to Rs 5 Lakhs

    Get instant approval for a credit line of up to ₹5,00,000. Get a credit line without any risk.

  • Quick Deposit

    Within 24 hours of approval, the approved amount will be credited to your bank account after all checks have been completed.

  • Flexible Interest Rates

    Our personal loans start at an interest rate of 1.08% per month (13% per annum).

  • Online Documentation - 100% Paperless

    Easy online application that is 100% paperless and simple to register.

  • Flexible Repayments

    You can choose your repayment schedule. Choose flexible EMI options of 3-36 months and pay as per your convenience.